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Fly&I® is an Independent Media Design Label based in Florence, Italy, combining Graphic T-shirts, Design Services (Graphic & 3D), Film and DJ / Music Production. The concept behind the project is to restore the importance of passion and uniquity in the minds of the current generation. Fly&I communicates this message through original and inspirational design.

It's our belief that a lot of us go wrong by assuming that every aspect of life isn't meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, and that there has to be an obvious divide between work and play.
Yes, there should be pleasurable things, we concede, but they usually come after office hours. And if we find ourselves indulging in the enjoyment of a moment, we somehow need to feel guilty about it, as though the essence of life is supposed to be a period of work and drudgery, infrequently punctuated by pinpoints of happiness.

One of the most fundamental differences between people who excel in what they do and those that settle somewhere around average is their perception of what they enjoy. When you find something you love, doing that thing is reality, and the rest of the banality of every day is simply time stolen from that.

Everybody has a passion- it's just about finding yours.
So join the Fly&I® Collective.
Do what you love...
And don't let anybody tell you otherwise.